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18K Rose Gold And Cotton Choker

18K Rose gold chain with cotton string and diamonds

Cotton and Gold Diamonds choker

A 18k yellow gold choker necklace combined with high quality, durable cotton threads. The choker chain is a hot trend in the fashion world and we have integrated it into the unique design line of the brand.

Choker Gold Necklace

A handmade 18k gold diamond choker Studded with Diamond. The choker chain is a hot trend in the fashion world and we have integrated it into the unique design line of the brand.

Gold Choker Necklace

18K Gold Choker Necklace with Diamond

Combined Gold Necklace

18K Combined Gold Fashion Necklace with Diamonds

Handcuffs Chain

18K Yellow Clasping Handcuffs Chain and Diamonds

Rose Gold Chain Necklace

18K Rose Gold Pulley and Chain Necklace with Diamonds

Rose Gold Choker

18K Rose Gold Choker with Wheel Lock and Diamond

Rose Gold Necklace

18k Rose Gold Necklace with Wheel element

Rose Gold Necklace

18k Rose Gold Necklace With Wheel Element Design and Diamond A unique and beautiful 18K rose gold necklace, inspired by wheels and pulleys the design of the wheels details was carefully created.

Wheel Necklace

18K Wheel Necklace with Diamonds

Wheel Pendant Gold Necklace

18k wheel pendant necklace with diamonds

Yellow Gold Chain

18K Yellow Gold Combined Chain with Diamonds

Yellow Gold Chain

18k Yellow Gold Chain and Capsule Clasps Necklace

Yellow Gold Necklace

18K Yellow Gold Diamond Chain Necklace An interesting fine necklaces combination of different types of chains and clasps, The necklace is hand made of 18 karat yellow gold.

Cotton and Gold Choker

Cotton and Gold Choker 18K Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Gold Chocker

18K Yellow Gold Choker Necklace Studded with Hanging Diamonds

18k Rose gold Chocker

18k Rose gold Chocker with gold button and long necklace

Gold Chain Necklace

18K Chain Necklace Designd with Connectors and Locks A special and interesting design inspired by special locks that have been carefully selected over the years by Martin, the chain shows a combination between a high quality chain and a designed clasps. The necklace is made of 18 karat yellow gold

Yellow Gold Necklace

Yellow Gold Necklace

When it comes to necklaces, one is never enough. Martin Pasternak new fashion jewelry collection feature a whole range of Cotton and Gold amazing Chokers with diamonds, Necklace  With Wheel Element and contemporary lockets so that you can wear it close to your heart